Undertale Sans

Fans of real unforgettable adventures will be delighted to play a new game called Undertale Sans! Together with your hero, you will go into an amazing virtual world. Each time you will be faced with an unusual task that only the most courageous player can cope with. You will fight evil heroes who are trying to deal with you, destroy houses and cities, or explore ancient tombs, in which many secrets are hidden.

In order to survive in such a place, you will have to work hard. Also, to overcome all obstacles, you have to use some of your qualities, without which you cannot achieve your goal. In the hands of your hero is a gun, with which you need to destroy the monsters found in the tunnel. Do not forget that to eliminate each monster you need to shoot them a certain number of times. You have a certain charge of projectiles that you need to replenish by collecting cartridges scattered in the maze.

There are also many different cones on your way that you should pick up. Don’t forget about gold bars that increase your points. If you don’t replenish your ammo, the monsters will eat your character and you will lose one try. At the bottom of the game window, you can see how many lives are allotted to you for the gameplay, as well as the number of remaining cartridges. Your task is to try your best so that the main hero avoids collisions with obstacles.

White columns serve as obstacles, they will diminish a certain amount of life from the character. At the bottom of the game window there is a panel where you can see your character’s life indicators. As the level rises, the task will become more and more difficult, because more and more obstacles are on your way. Beware of the monsters that periodically appear in front of you, as they are able to deal with you in the shortest possible time. If you do not want this to happen, then avoid collisions with the stripes that they will release in your direction, and take your hero as far away from them as possible. Hopefully, you will overcome all the hurdles waiting for you in Undertale Sans and finish your journey successfully!

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