Deltarune Chapter 2 Secret Boss

Many Deltarune fans have heard about a secret boss that you can defeat in the game. Something like that is always of great interest to players because it is a challenge and it gives you something new to play the game for. But getting to him is kind of a problem, and you need to find pieces of the key and fix it to do that. Where to start looking?

The secret boss is locked in the basement of the card castle. Upon entering the elevator, you will discover that one of the options is labeled “??????”. Although this is the usual notation for “you haven’t discovered this floor yet,” you can actually select the question marks to go down to the lowest floor of the castle’s dungeon. There you will find a mysterious figure hidden in the shadows behind metal bars. This figure asks you to repair the key so that it can exit from there.

And this is how you can do it. The first piece of the key will be found in the shop in the field. Don’t confuse it with another shop located in the castle. In the middle of the forest, you will encounter a strange action where mysterious figures dance in a circle. Here is the second part of the key. At the edge of the fields, not far the chessboard in front of the card castle, you can follow the path up to find a lock with a key. The password is the order of the rooms that you visited in the castle. After that, go to the blacksmith in the forest. He will fix the key and again go down to the lower floor to the mysterious stranger. Good luck!

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