Deltarune Characters

Everyone is familiar with the main three characters of DeltaRune, the so-called “heroes” who must “put a seal on the fountains and exorcise the angelic host” according to the prophecy. They are at the center of the plot and they deservedly receive the lion’s share of the love of DeltaRune fans. However, considering what the developer of DeltaRune, the insidious Toby Fox, is an intriguer, of course, each of them is at least partially covered with the darkness of understatement. Well, let’s figure it out.


Here everything is clear. It’s the main hero and the center of the story. Kris is, first of all, the player’s “vessel”, his embodiment in the game world. Through it, the player expresses his will and interacts with the environment, on his behalf, reacts to events. in some cases, the player can make changes to events, changing the fate of the characters: beat the dark creatures and force them to crowd around the fountain and try to beat the heroes or show them all condescension and mercy, making them fall in love with the heroes in the end and save them from the King.


Susie is a monster and the second “hero” encountered by the player on the way through the plot. And she clearly follows not human, but monster logic. Throughout the plot, we have to make friends with her through various “actions” and patience with her attacks in our direction and “spare” her, making her a full-fledged part of the squad, and not a wild, not paying attention to the interests of the squadron as a “subversive link”. But if you manage to do it, she will be of great help.


Ralsei is the most mysterious and strange character in DeltaRune. From the very beginning of the journey, he too vividly declares himself as a character-resonator (that is, that character of a work of art who expresses the opinion of the author of the work, asserts unshakable truths). (not Kris, Kris himself is inactive). Ralsei is very courteous in his “bloodless combat” line. Moreover, unlike Toriel from Undertale, he takes physical combat as a measure for extreme cases.

There are many more minor characters in DeltaRune that you will definitely be thrilled to meet. Depending on how well you get to know them, they can become either your friends or enemies. Start playing the game online and find out the unique story and personality standing behind each of them!

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