Deltarune Chapter 3

Have you already tried Deltarune Chapter 3? If no, you definitely should! You will be amazed by the great tweaks introduced by the developers that have made the game even better. Graphically the new game has become more detailed, although the general style of the games is recognized, and even the resolution, as you can see, is the same.

There are many more animations. Yes, there are just one moving frame sprites, but along with them, there are smoothly flying birds, and eyes that open when you approach, and a dragon with three moving heads, and a bunch of other pleasant little things that make the game much more lively. Even the grass is moving. In addition, thanks to the new design of the levels, there is a sense of the volume of the locations. For example, you can go behind the house. All of these improvements make the Deltarune world a lot more realistic.

The fights have become a bit different, and now you can have companions. After you have given instructions to all of them, your enemy is walking, and you, like in Undertale, try to dodge him with your heart. Interestingly, the villain himself chooses whom to attack, which can be very deadly, and some especially repulsed enemies can even attack all the heroes at once, which is even worse.

It may even get to the point that some hideous eye will take away all health of one of your allies. What to do then? Any hero can be restored using a special item or wait until he himself is restored. Well, if the whole team does not have health at once, the game ends and you are thrown for the last save. But don’t worry, this does not happen often. All enemies in Deltarune Chapter 3 are visible. No, no random skirmishes and other frenzied bullshit. And it doesn’t matter that you can’t run away from most of them, it is important that you, corny, see what lies ahead.

What pleases, you have to fight with a very different enemies, each of which has its own unique attacks, and to each of which you need to find a certain approach. All that has been said mainly concerns only the Pacifist path, when you are not killing anyone. However, there are all means for murder in Deltarune Chapter 3, so if you are an insane sadist – the scale of rage is always at your service. You can at least kill the entire Kingdom of Darkness. Plunge into this charming albeit a bit gruesome world right now and experience all the amazing adventures waiting for you!

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