Undertale Battle Simulator

Great games engender a variety of spin-offs. And it’s no wonder there are so many projects based on Undertale that will surely delight the fans. One of them is Undertale Battle Simulator. In short, it’s a simplified version of the original game where you can focus on the action instead of following the plot and getting enchanted by local sceneries and characters. So if you want to plunge straight into the whirlpool of fights, let’s begin!

In this new game, the main character will be confronted by all the monsters from the underworld. The protagonist of this terrible story found himself in a dungeon, where monsters of all stripes have been living and breeding for several centuries. Once upon a time, people with the help of ancient magic locked these monsters in a dark dungeon. Since then, the monsters dream of only one thing: to get out of this underground prison and take revenge on people for all their suffering. Time passed, people have long forgotten about this place, as well as about who lives there. However, as it turned out, due to their curiosity, some kids still end up in this dungeon, but do they come back?

Walk this thorny path together with the main hero, act as you see fit, but remember that the further development of events depends on your decisions! It is very difficult to cope with all of them, especially if you are a little boy and your parents are not around. The heart on the game card is the little boy. The whole difficulty of the game lies in the fact that he can only move in an enclosed space, and he has absolutely no time for a break.

Monsters attack one after another, although his attack options are somewhat similar to each other. One can release bullets, others use swift blows, but you must do everything possible to protect the hero from striking blows. However, fighting isn’t everything you need to do here. While in a dark room, you will need to find disguised objects. The search will have to be carried out in extreme conditions, bypassing the cunning traps set up. As you find the hidden things, bring them to the place prepared for them, at the bottom of the screen. To pass the game, you have to cope with all the tasks the developers have in store for you. Enjoy Undertale Battle Simulator online and have fun!

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