Deltarune Queen Fight

While the basics of the gameplay have remained the same in Deltarune as in Undertale, we know follow a whole new story, with new trials and characters waiting for us. Including the antagonists. One of the villains that will be standing in our way is the Queen. And she does a great job of being the final boss. Especially compared to the King in the previous chapter.

The fact is that the King did not show up until the very end. He was just an obstacle to be overcome. The Queen interacts with our group throughout the game. She builds tricks, declares a truce, generates memes. Feeds Chris with bananas. Gets genuine pleasure from her role! And has a pair of gorgeous legs! And the developers deliberately emphasize this.

This is the last boss you have to fight in Undertale. And as you can imagine, this fight won’t be of an easy kind. However, it doesn’t necessarily has to get to this. It seems that the Queen is willing to compromise and make a truce with Chris when she meets him in town to help her find Noel. She behaves quite friendly and peaceful towards him, unlike the rest of his team, in whom she does not show such an interest. However, during the battle, she shows herself to be a serious adversary, capable of fighting well.

The Queen, it seems, is not so evil and heartless, because she does not want to control those people she likes and would rather just have them agree with her plans or entertain her. She also tends to give everyone funny nicknames. Besides, she sincerely believed that she was doing the right thing, but after she learned the truth about Rokot from Ralsei, she realized that she was wrong and abandoned her destructive plans, taking the side of good. Learn more about this exciting and charming character playing Deltarune online!

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